various artists compilations [#1]

After a year and a half of work, here you have the second edition of our Recopilatoire, an album where we join, this time, music from all our artists who have been actively releasing in Música Vermella, as Xtrngr, DjCode, KaostapesKain, Icebreaker, Yarkouy, 4cantons, Pisu, Madame, Wermonster, Spectateur and Ocoeur, as well as a small taste of two new future additions: Alphabetsheaven, from Bristol, with his full energy wonky, and Fatkut, great graphic artist who also shows his potential in the world of electronic music and sampling.

In this album, we have the amazing contribution of Turkesa, fabulous artist who shows her elegance and ability in an artwork that serves as a cover for this release, as well as the photographic collaboration by O2, also a Música Vermella usual collaborator.

from Musica Vermella


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