jazzy mondays 2011 [09/50] – acid sax

Crackin’ Rubato – Crackin’ Rubato

What to make of a group that combines funky beats with electronica, soul, and jazz? In this case you get Crackin’ Rubato, where it sounds like hip-hop beats are entering a more jazzier world that’s on the thin line between acid jazz and smooth jazz, and it seems to be comfortable in both.
Its cover image is simply that of an opened hard drive, which of course looks like a stylus hitting the groove of a record. It is meant to suggest the class and style of the old with the way most people consume music today: digitally. The music here could find itself welcome in TV shows and movies, but it might make a few dance floors burn because of how solid it sounds. At times it sounds too clean and polished, regardless of how gritty the musicianship (and added surface noise) is, but I shouldn’t complain. They’re not quite up to the standards of Jazzanova, but fans of the German production collective will find enough in Crackin’ Rubato’s sound to immerse themselves into [review from this is book’s music].


Mam powoli dosyć tych cykli…


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