weekly dose of post-rock 2011 [10/50]

Williamson – The Trashcan Electric EP

What we have here is a very nice collage of ambient, post-rock and electro influences. From the first second of the first tune, sietch kids save us one knows the record is produced neatly. Engaging guitar loops overlap sometimes electronic, sometimes organic melodies giving really nice and atmospheric mixture. My favorite track of the ep is tips for sweet-talking a caribou, which is really cool, not only in production but also in its cold atmosphere! You can sense the North of Canada and of these caribous for real!!! ;-)
I cannot find a weak point in this record’s music. Maybe it’s a little bit blurry if one wants something less ambiental, but I quite like such style, so it’s 10 for me. From the other reviews I’ve heard that Williamson’s previous record is even better, so I can’t wait to get it and to listen to it.
The only drawback is a cover that looks more like some gothic band album rather than ambient or idm one. One point down for that, so it’s nine, but it’s still an amazing and very recommendable piece of music. Check it out!!! It’s worth it. [review by galaktyczny zwiad]



W tym roku na pewno powstanie post-rockowa niesencja. I znajdzie się na niej na pewno jeden numer z tej płyty… chociaż ta płyta nie jest stricte post-rockowa. Ale znakomita!


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