weekly dose of post-rock 2011 [01/50]

Milhaven – Milhaven

„”Milhaven” is simply the best, Milhaven not only recorded but wrote up to now. Their songs are epic and kinescope, still they never get out of hand or loose the melodic focus. This is classical Postrock, slightly experimental but eventually nothing else than sophisticated Pop music. Sure Milhaven might sound like Explosions in the Sky or Do Make Say Think every once a while. However, what makes them strong and unique is songwriting and integrity. Milhaven do not flirt with Gothic, Metal or razzmatazz alike, their sound remains that of delay and volume but not distortion, the chamber musical minimum of two guitars, bass and battery. What else can music offer?

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Kwintesencja netaudio-postrocka jak dla mnie. Mam wrażenie, że pozostałe dwie płytki tego niemieckiego zespołu w tym roku pojawią się na netmuzyce- może nawet w tym cyklu?


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