Ant on Wax feat. AlieM – AlieM-Control

Artist: Ant on Wax feat. AlieM
TitleAlieM – Control
Label:  Jamendo
Time: 75′28″
Country: Hungary
Released: 10 Apr 2008
Genre: Electronic
Style: Breakbeat, Drum and Bass, Liquid Funk, Neuro Funk

going down
nothing like tomorrow
deep blue
day after day
we dont need no bitches

Z  I  P


[…] Ant on Wax is a great Hungarian electronica composer who got started at 14 by producing music for children’s birthday parties. Control is a techno danceable album with a sultry/funky female singer named AlieM. Outrageous, hyperkinetic and lots of fun. This album features great breakbeat and dizzying speed. Nothing like Tomorrow is like Motown at a rave party. I ain’t easy is Praga Khan lite with cowbells and a little Stereolab frivolity. Invent is an exhilarating dash to a finish line (love the geeky lyrics; what the heck do they mean?) It gives me geek orgasms whenever I hear it. His most recent album Club & Dance contains some great traditional tracks like Freakout and 94ers techo. Also check out his 123audio.com site for lots more original and uncollected tracks, many of which involve various collaborations. […]

1 Response to “Ant on Wax feat. AlieM – AlieM-Control”

  1. sobota, 09 Październik 2010 o 16:14

    Hi, just wanted to say thanks for your spread… actually my site is http://www.123audio.de not .com… cheers m8


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